It’s 10pm Delilah Noir Doll Arrives for Wife

delilah noir ball jointed dolls It's 10 pm doll ashton drakeAshton Drake Galleries sent my wife, Esther,  a Delilah Noir It’s 10pm Doll, so she could start her doll collecting hobby.  Esther’s aunt is a big time doll collector and has been a doll collector for almost 50 years.  Aunt Olga is almost 80.  Esther and I are very close to Aunt Olga.  Olga helped Esther and I find our way in Denver.  When we were newlyweds,  Esther and I packed up our apartment and moved to Denver without jobs and a house.  That was our manifest destiny.  Olga helped us start our Denver life.  Now Olga lives in North Dakota and we miss her very much.  But now, Esther has doll collecting stories to tell Olga and Delilah Noir will help Esther stay in touch with her family.

Here are a few pics of how Delilah Noir It’s 10 pm Doll arrived at our house.


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