Delilah Noir’s New Body

Here’s the explanation of Delilah Noir’s body changes….

Dear Delilah Fans,

Recently there has been some concern about Delilah Noir’s updated body sculpt. Many fear that since Delilah’s new body is thinner than the old one, we are showing that improvement only comes in the form of being unrealistically thin. Others do not like that Delilah is more physically developed in the new sculpt, because she is supposed to be a sweet sixteen to eighteen year old girl, not a buxom and small-waisted vixen.

The reasons why we redesigned the doll are simple: we were trying to improve the doll’s flexibility. Also, the new body is able to fit a wider range of clothing lines. Imagine our surprise when we received this negative response! In no way did we intend to promote an unhealthy, unrealistic image of Delilah. Instead, we were hoping that she would be more “user-friendly.” With the changes she will be easier to pose than previous editions. Plus, feedback on the forums indicates that customers would like there to be more clothing options available. Thus, with her ability to fit into new clothes in the open market, it is easier for our customers to get creative. Not all of the Delilah fans can sew and we understand that there are limited options for that group. The hope was that by allowing Delilah to fit into a broader scope of clothing lines, all customers would glean more enjoyment out of shopping for doll clothes.

Again, in no way, shape, or form were we trying to over-sexualize Delilah. Nor was the goal to show that women should be extremely thin. The Delilah character is a strong role model for young collectors who choose to be different from others. Knowing that, we have kept Delilah’s image wholesome while appealing to all age groups. We want Delilah to remain a good role model and continue to be an example of someone who does not follow the crowd. Though we cannot guarantee that we will go back to the old sculpt, we hope this letter explains our decisions and puts your concerns to rest. Please feel free to contact if you would like to discuss this further. We are always open to the suggestions of our fans who love Delilah as much as we do–that is how several Delilah editions came to be. Again, please get in touch if you have any other questions, comments, or concerns.

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