Doll Pattern Contest at Delilah Noir

Fashion Doll Clothing Pattern Contest

The Cut Contest @ Delilah Noir

Will you make “The Cut”? Design a clothing pattern for a 16″ fashion doll and win a fabulous cash prize PLUS a free Delilah Noir Mannequin Doll to model your new creation.

Want to make a little cash doing what you love to do? Need a little something to add to your portfolio? Or are you an aspiring designer waiting for a golden opportunity? Lucky for you, Team Delilah Noir is sponsoring “The Cut”, so you can compete with other designers to create an outfit for 16″ fashion dolls. Submit an original clothing pattern along with a sketch or photograph of the finished design and win one of three designer titles:

“Top Designer”
$250 plus a Delilah Noir Mannequin doll

“Master Designer”
$100 plus a Delilah Noir Mannequin doll

“Design Specialist”
$50 plus a Delilah Noir Mannequin doll

As a bonus, each of the winners can showcase their designs in an online portfolio on and let the world know that they made “The Cut”. This is a great chance for beginning designers or students to build up their portfolios and gain experience.

How to enter!

Submit entries by e-mailing between July 13 and August 15. Entries will not be accepted after 11:59 P.M. Central on August 15. Entries MUST include:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Email
  • Entry Title and Description
  • Cothing Pattern
  • Photo or Sketch of finished outfit

Are you going to enter?  You should you could win an unpainted ball joined doll from the Ashton Drake Galleries Delilah Noir line, Mannequin.


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