How to Change Delilah Noir’s Eyes

by: Team Delilah Noir

Removing and Changing Delilah Noir's Eyes

Removing Eyes

Your Delilah Noir Fashion doll can have the eye and hair color you want her to have, thanks to an easily removable wig and head cap. Delilah can have brown eyes one day and green the next! If you take off her wig and lift up the head cap, you’ll see her head is hollow and her eyes are held in with a soft, squishy putty. This makes it easy to switch out her eyes to change colors. Delilah usually uses size 10mm eyes, but you could also use 12mm eyes. 12mm eyes give the doll larger irises for a more childlike look. Since doll eye sizes vary from brand to brand, some company’s 12mm eyes will look perfect, and others will look way too big. If you are buying a brand you haven’t used before, then choose the 10mm eyes because they’re more likely to suit your doll and look good.

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In the pictures, I’m changing Delilah’s green eyes to lavender.

To change Delilah’s eyes:

  1. First, wash your hands with soap so you don’t get bodily oils on your doll, because you’ll be touching the head a lot when you switch out her eyes.
  2. Take off the wig and head cap. The head cap simply lifts off. The inside of the head is hollow.
  3. Pull out the loose ends of the two white elastic cords you see inside the head. These are the ends of the cords used for her internal stringing. Never cut these cords! Just push them aside.
  4. Use a plastic spoon to help you scoop out the putty used to hold in the eyes. I used to use plastic knives to do this, until I found that plastic spoons work better and are less likely to scratch the doll. You can use a metal spoon, just be careful to not damage either the vinyl or the eyes. Baby spoons work great. Places like Target sell huge packs of plastic baby spoons in their baby departments.
  5. Pull out the old eyes and as much of the putty as you can.
  6. Put a small amount of putty on the back of the new eyes. If you get putty on the part of the eye that will be showing, just brush it off with your finger or with a Q-Tip.
  7. Place the new eyes in the eye holes. Positioning them right takes a few minutes, but it’s worth it to get them straight. If you aren’t sure they’re straight, looking at the doll’s reflection in a mirror will help you see if one eye is a bit off. You can also take a picture of the doll; If one eye is a little off, you’ll definitely be able to see it in a photo. Gently squish putty around the eyes to keep them from knocking loose. I say “gently” because if you push the putty in too hard, you’ll suddenly find your doll’s eyes bugging out in different directions. This has happened to me more times than I can count. It can be so frustrating when you spend 10 minutes getting the eyes just right, and it’s destroyed with one motion!
  8. Wash the sticky putty off your hands before you touch the doll again (I guarantee you’ll have some on your hands), and then replace the head cap and wig. Yay! It’s like getting a brand new doll.

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