OOAK Dolls

Ok, so I guess I am a newbie to the fashion doll collectors niche.  I was reading over a few fashion doll blogs about modern ball jointed dolls and high end customization of these flexible poseable collector’s dolls and came across OOAK, the accronym or initialism from which ever camp you attend.

OOAK Dolls.  What?  So I wiki’d the term and its “One of a Kind”  Maybe Ive been on Venus the last few years.  But I have never heard of OOAK before.  I thought I was ahead of the game when I found out about ABJD; Asian Ball Jointed Dolls.  But now there are also American Ball Jointed Dolls.

So if you’re really into fashion doll customization, you will probably purchase an unpainted mannequin fashion doll and do a complete fashion make over and face-up designing your own couture clothes for your ball jointed doll, so she can look like the next Cindy Crawford on the run way.  Then you will have you’re own One of a Kind fashion doll.


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One Response to OOAK Dolls

  1. stevep264 says:

    To customize your Delilah Noir Doll here are a few sizes

    Eye size: 10mm
    Wig size: 6/7
    Foot length: 2″
    Foot width: 3/4″
    Doll Height: 16″


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