Doll Shoes and Accessories

Doll Shoes from Delilah Noir

Can’t get enough shoes?  Just like in real life, doll collectors love fashion doll shoes.  Doll shoes seem to be a high demand ball jointed doll accessory, along with replaceable eyes and changeable wigs.

The fashion doll shoes on the left are for the 16 inch fashion doll, Delilah Noir.  The doll accessory kit includes a pair of sneakers, heeled boots, ankle boots a a nice pair of purple flat shoes that remind me of Gucci flats or loafers.

Delilah also has a accessory pack with a purse and hat.  Ive heard more fashion doll accessory kits are on the way for Delilah along with a few exclusive accessories that will only be available with an order as an extra bonus  from purchasing from

If you are really creative and want to experiment you can mix and match 16 inch ball jointed dolls accessories and doll clothes from different doll makers.  If you are a seamstress you can sew your own fashion designs and create your own couture line.


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