Fashion Dolls

BJD Fashion Doll at Delilah Noir

Top Hat Delilah Noir Fashiono Doll

Fashion Dolls are not the same old Ken and Barbie anymore.  The new mini or large ball jointed fashion dolls are adult collectibles not toys.  Some are close to $500 for a base model in resin and you can find some in affordable vinyl like the Delilah Noir line from Ashton Drake Galleries.

The top of the line modern fashion dolls are the Asian Ball Jointed Dolls from China and Korea.  They are hand made by skilled craftsman and are made of resin or clay.  These fashion dolls are for the die hard collector.  You can find an entry level unpainted ball jointed fashion doll from Ashton Drake Galleries with their Delilah Noir line for around $100 and get a full doll kit with an extra or free outfit for $150.  If you’re a beginner or a long time doll collector the Delilah Doll is an excellent choice.

Fashion doll maker, Ashton Drake Galleries, offers affordable customizable limited edition Delilah Noir vinyl ball jointed dolls that are 16 inch and 1/4 scale articulated poseable collectible BJDs; Lolita, Gothic, Victorian, Vampire, Punk, Rock, lifelike beautiful quality figures with changeable clothes, eyes and wigs on sale at our online doll store for a great value price, starting at $89.99.


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