Simi – Dark Hunter Doll – Collectible Dolls

Simi the Dark Hunter Doll is very hot.  Even dressed like a demon in her black wings and glowing red horns, The Simi Dark-Hunter doll is cute as can be. The Simi doll stands 12” tall and is made out of collector quality vinyl.

Each collectible Dark-Hunter™ doll is meticulously detailed with clothing and accessories straight off the pages of your favorite book. Symbolic of quality and collectability, each doll is handcrafted in premium materials and entirely hand painted.

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Give Delilah Noir Tattoos


A tattoo can be painted on a ball jointed doll using watercolor paints or thinned acrylic paint. These types of tattoos for your fashion doll won’t flake or rub off, yet they are also easily removable. You want the paint to be thinned with water or a matte paint extender so the color is a bit translucent on the vinyl of your collectible fashion ball jointed doll. A totally opaque, dark tattoo won’t look quite as realistic. Only use oil-free paint, because oils can damage the vinyl over time…..

via how-to-give-delilahnoir-tattoos.

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Doll Reader Magazine Acquires Haute Doll Magazine

Doll Reader recently announced the acquisition of Haute Doll. It will be publishing Haute Doll content within the pages of Doll Reader beginning with the October 2010 issue!

“We are very excited about this acquisition,” said Doll Reader editor Kathryn Peck. “Haute Doll was a fantastic publication, and we hope to continue offering readers the quality content and fabulous fashion spreads they have come to depend on over the years.”

For more info go to Doll Reader Magazine.

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Delilah Noir Ball Jointed Doll Good Morning

Delilah is up making breakfast again, orange juice and eggs.  I like mine over easy and fried in a little bacon grease.  Southern Style. And I want some orange juice to go with my breakfast please.  Delilah is busy in the morning for a famous ball jointed doll from Ashton Drake Galleries.   A very affordable fashion doll that loves to do chores around the house.  Check her out today at

Fashion doll maker, Ashton Drake Galleries, offers affordable customizable limitededition Delilah Noir vinyl ball jointed dolls that are 16 inch and 1/4 scale articulated poseable collectible BJDs; Lolita, Gothic, Victorian, Vampire, Punk, Rock, lifelike beautiful quality figures with changeable clothes, eyes and wigs on sale at our online doll store for a great value price, starting at $89.99.

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Delilah Noir’s New Body

Here’s the explanation of Delilah Noir’s body changes….

Dear Delilah Fans,

Recently there has been some concern about Delilah Noir’s updated body sculpt. Many fear that since Delilah’s new body is thinner than the old one, we are showing that improvement only comes in the form of being unrealistically thin. Others do not like that Delilah is more physically developed in the new sculpt, because she is supposed to be a sweet sixteen to eighteen year old girl, not a buxom and small-waisted vixen.

The reasons why we redesigned the doll are simple: we were trying to improve the doll’s flexibility. Also, the new body is able to fit a wider range of clothing lines. Imagine our surprise when we received this negative response! In no way did we intend to promote an unhealthy, unrealistic image of Delilah. Instead, we were hoping that she would be more “user-friendly.” With the changes she will be easier to pose than previous editions. Plus, feedback on the forums indicates that customers would like there to be more clothing options available. Thus, with her ability to fit into new clothes in the open market, it is easier for our customers to get creative. Not all of the Delilah fans can sew and we understand that there are limited options for that group. The hope was that by allowing Delilah to fit into a broader scope of clothing lines, all customers would glean more enjoyment out of shopping for doll clothes.

Again, in no way, shape, or form were we trying to over-sexualize Delilah. Nor was the goal to show that women should be extremely thin. The Delilah character is a strong role model for young collectors who choose to be different from others. Knowing that, we have kept Delilah’s image wholesome while appealing to all age groups. We want Delilah to remain a good role model and continue to be an example of someone who does not follow the crowd. Though we cannot guarantee that we will go back to the old sculpt, we hope this letter explains our decisions and puts your concerns to rest. Please feel free to contact if you would like to discuss this further. We are always open to the suggestions of our fans who love Delilah as much as we do–that is how several Delilah editions came to be. Again, please get in touch if you have any other questions, comments, or concerns.

Ashton Drake Galleries

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Fashion Doll Furniture

16 inch doll furniture chairLove this doll furniture for 16 inch fashion dolls and ball jointed dolls.  You can find at Angelic Dreamz.

The doll outfit is pretty nice too.  Love the red top thingy, 🙂

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Delilah Noir up making Toast

Delilah Noir making English Muffins its 10 pm fashion dollsDelilah Noir affordable fashion doll is up making English muffins for my oldest son who is off to morning football practice.  She can be so nice, and Berndt is a hungry 12 year old.  English muffins and raspberry jam is my favorite too.

I am discovering our Delilah doll likes Mr Clean.  It must be his muscles.  Not sure but we are going to keep an eye on her.

What does your Delilah Noir doll do during the day?  Join Delilah on her new project, Hometown Trek.

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It’s 10pm Delilah Noir Doll Arrives for Wife

delilah noir ball jointed dolls It's 10 pm doll ashton drakeAshton Drake Galleries sent my wife, Esther,  a Delilah Noir It’s 10pm Doll, so she could start her doll collecting hobby.  Esther’s aunt is a big time doll collector and has been a doll collector for almost 50 years.  Aunt Olga is almost 80.  Esther and I are very close to Aunt Olga.  Olga helped Esther and I find our way in Denver.  When we were newlyweds,  Esther and I packed up our apartment and moved to Denver without jobs and a house.  That was our manifest destiny.  Olga helped us start our Denver life.  Now Olga lives in North Dakota and we miss her very much.  But now, Esther has doll collecting stories to tell Olga and Delilah Noir will help Esther stay in touch with her family.

Here are a few pics of how Delilah Noir It’s 10 pm Doll arrived at our house.

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Dark Hunter Dolls from Ashton Drake

Dark Hunter Dolls Ashton Drake Greetings Kenyon fans! The most beloved characters from Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark-Hunter™ series are now available in collectible doll form! Integrity Toys and The Ashton-Drake Galleries have joined forces to create the official doll series for the Dark-Hunter novels. The first two dolls in the series, Acheron and Simi, have been unveiled to an audience that couldn’t be more excited and additional Dark-Hunter characters will be released soon with your help.

Find out more about the official Dark Hunter Dolls here.

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Delilah Noir’s The Cut Contest Winners

And The Winners Are…

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for…..we have the winners of “The Cut!”
So without further ado…
Top Designer:
Durelle B. with
Cha-Cha-Chow Mein

The judges went stir-fry crazy over this Kimono-style dress and “takie-outie” purse. The lace ruffle on the dress and striped leggings made it easy to envision Delilah slipping into this outfit when she wants to mix things up a bit. Check out the chopstick’d hairstyle too!

Go to to find out more about the winners

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